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Great World Ink & Paint Co., Ltd. is the leading ink manufacturer in producing various kinds of solvent-based printing inks, water-based printing inks for textile and environment-friendly water-based printing ink, the application fields of our products are listed below:




water-based printing ink

any substrate for gravure,
flexo and spray water-based ink

for wallpaper and PVC wallpaper
for decorative paper
for napkin
for kraft and parchment
for PE, PP and PVC, etc. plastic film
for aluminum foil
for TPU and EVA shoes

solvent-based printing ink

screen printing inks

PVC toy products, PVC film with resistance to freeze and high frequency welding process, nylon cloth (with water-proof and water repulsion treatment), PU, PU non-woven cloth, PS, ABS, acrylic products, expandable polystyrene, organic glass, paper products, wood products, leather, etc.

gravure printing & coating inks

soft and hard PVC products, PVC film made for high frequency welding process, PVC floor, PVC wall paper, PS, paper products, PET tag, shrinkable films, paper pipe process,kraft paper, PS sheet, etc.

gravure printing inks(packaging film)

CPP, OPP, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, electroplated plastic film , aluminum foil, OPP reverse printing and for lamination process, PE-EVA substrate, etc.

spray inks

various kinds of PVC products, PS products, ABS products, acrylic products, organic glass, soft and hard PVC products (with high concentration of DOP content), TPR sole material, EVA substrate, wood products, etc.

water-based printing inks for textile

P.R.C water-based color paste

white color, yellow color, red color, blue color, green color, black color, fluorescent color, and other pigment concentrates.

water-based binder

elastic binder, elastic binder with mat surface, elastic and transparent binder, elastic and transparent binder with mat surface, flexible binder, elastic nylon binder, elastic and transparent nylon binder, foam binder for color match, elastic binder for color match, etc.

Note:Please refer to the product catalogs or contact our sales department for detail product information.

All products listed above are have good printability, abrasion resistance, rub resistance, wrinkle proof, easy to print, excellent adhesion, brilliant color and passes the EN-71 8 heavy metals regulation , also meet the standards of low Phenol, Solaflex, Formaldehyde, Saliva, AZO compound content and Japan ST quality standards.
With the principle of "Market Orientation" in mind, we offer various products to meet our customers' needs. We have imported modern production equipments from Europe and offer customers with top quality products produced under strict quality control.
For public safety and environment protection, we make our best endeavor to develop water-based inks by utilizing technology from the developed country and our internal R&D efforts. We have confidence in offering top quality products that satisfy our customers.